[BangPypers] Python Maintainence code: Debugging, Tracing and Profiling help

learningpython at aol.com learningpython at aol.com
Sun Jan 24 00:04:20 CET 2010

 Hi Experts,

I am back to python after a while of just formal introduction. Thistime i have to manage a huge files with numerous functions, i amdebugging a issue right now and would require to understand the flow ofthe code.

Please can you help me on what can i do to have better understanding ofthe profiling of classes, defs invoked each time and how to read them. 

The ones i plan to do is to insert lot of prints in every class, defs ex: print self.__class__.__name__ in every def, to see the flow which is tedious and time consuming as the size of files and project is huge. 

Any suggestions please and advice please.

PS: how to post to comp.lang.python newsgroup please??




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