[BangPypers] InCTF notification

Zubin Mithra zubin.mithra at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 16:48:52 CET 2010

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Named InCTF, we are organizing India`s first CTF style hacking contest this
march :)

Think you are good at Python? Think you can find vulnerabilities, patch and
exploit them?

The prizes are huge, though there`s more to be gained by participating.

For details, check out http://inctf.amrita.ac.in ; for updates, follow
"InCTF" on twitter.

And if you feel that the event is not being publicized enough, well, help us
around a bit by retweeting the tweets, and forwarding the announcement ;-)

Have a nice day, folks.
Hope to see you compete.

Team BIOS (as part of TIFAC-CORE)
Amrita School Of Engineering, Amritapuri

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