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Sun Jan 31 04:06:09 CET 2010


On Sun, Jan 31, 2010 at 12:40 AM, nikunj badjatya
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> Dear all BangPyPers,
> The only concern is there arent enough companies which work on Python. (
> correct if I am wrong?? )
This really doesn't matter. As far as you like what you are doing you will
get good work.  Remember tools/technology/language is one part of solution
that we are proposing to solve a engineering problem.

So i would suggest you to look at engineering problem that python has solved
so far and then see if that space is existing enough for you. Some of the
engineering problem could be System programming, Scientific programming,
Graphics, System administration, Web application development, Distributed
Computing, Scalability, Desktop applications, Middle ware technologies,
Storage, etc ...

i know that google's infrastructure engineering team has extensively used
python (for couse this might change), yahoo use's lot of perl. Lot of
scientific computing groups uses python, redhat package manager manager is
based on python (there are some c/c++ binding in some cases), rpath is fully
based on python, mercurial a DCVS is developed in python, lot of rapid
application development framework is in python. Jython is extensive used in
writing unit test cases, etc. python has also inspired other scripting
languages (eg: groovy)

I my opinion tools doesn't define a company or companies using python (or
any other tool) will not say that am using such and such tool or
languages..... according to engineering need one decides the tool/languages.
So if you are happy learning python and can solve some problem that we face
day-to-day am sure you land up in a decent job.

keep hacking !

Note: the opinion expressed is based on personal observation :D

- sree

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