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Dhananjay Nene dhananjay.nene at gmail.com
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On Wed, Mar 3, 2010 at 4:44 PM, Kenneth Gonsalves <lawgon at au-kbc.org> wrote:

> On Wednesday 03 Mar 2010 4:36:10 pm Dhananjay Nene wrote:
> > Looking for a simple opensource python database library
> >
> I was under the impression that python does not recommend a db library for
> all
> databases and rests content with giving a general spec which people can use
> for implementing particular libraries (like pyscopg for postgresql and
> mysqldb
> for mysql)

Python has a DB API spec which is implemented by different database vendors.
However the spec is not implemented the same way by different driver authors
leading to code having to change when switching to a different database.
Precisely the reason why there is a space for someone to write a generic db
library which can work through the differences across different drivers (ie.
DB API implementations). Most ORMs such as SQLAlchemy and django already
have such capabilities built in - but I am looking for a relatively thin
library over DBAPI. I did find one such implementation in ADOdb which
essentially wraps mysqldb or psygogb etc. Looking for more options if such

I am not unclear if at all what python recommending a db library would mean
in this context.

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