[BangPypers] Simple python database library

Dhananjay Nene dhananjay.nene at gmail.com
Fri Mar 5 08:19:14 CET 2010

I've decided to go ahead with SQLAlchemy even though that was not my
favourite. FWIW I'm just documenting my thoughts :

Cons : Why I would've not preferred SQL Alchemy
a. Dependency into a large full function package like sqlalchemy which just
does a ton of stuff. I didn't need a ton of features .. just needed
something basic.
b. I was looking for something that worked at a ODBC/JDBC level abstraction.
Python DBAPI is actually a good candidate but for the fact it doesn't really
work cross database

Pros : Why I decided to go ahead with SQLAlchemy
a. Already use it. So am familiar with it.
b. It is just too slick and polished a product.
c. It does offer relational abstractions. eg. Table (even though the
default, most often used mechanism is with model objects). The entire model
layer I really am not interested in, but SQLAlchemy does give me the
abstractions for table, connections etc.
d. Did not find a widely used competing candidate. Just not sure how widely
used and thus regularly tested adodb for python is - though did not have any
specific qualms against that particular package.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I evaluated them all and the suggestions
were very helpful fodder for the process.

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