[BangPypers] i installed jaunty jackapole ubuntu 9.04 version

jaya kumar jayakumargenius at gmail.com
Sat May 8 17:25:08 CEST 2010

hi to all

i installed ubuntu 9.04 jaunty jackapole version ....

how i know LAMP stack installed in my o/s or not ?

it is inbuilt featured with ubuntu o/s or we need to be installed ?

what is the procedure for installing lamp stack in my ubuntu 9.04 version ?

 i need mysql and php to practice for web development ?

is there any separate command for each ex:- mysql and apache and php ?

or else it will combinely in one pack (i,e) lamp stack ?

do i need net connection to download these packages to my o/s or else just i
add on these package ?

later after installing please can any one tell how to start the php and
mysql and apache in my system before i going to work out ?

please tell me

sorry for asking  so many questions

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