[BangPypers] Weekly meeting - IIMB - New Venue

Saju Pillai srp at ideadevice.com
Fri May 21 07:33:47 CEST 2010


 Idea Device is a startup based in NSRCEL, IIM-B. We develop products in the
IT/Data Center automation space.  We use Python extensively in our products
& therefore have a major interest in seeing a flourishing, *independent*,
Python community in Bangalore/India.  To this end we would like to offer a
formal meeting place for the Monthly bangpyper meetups as well as one-off
Python community meetings as they happen. Idea Device & NSRCEL,IIM-B would
like to provide the following to the bangpypers community:

1. Free access to a 20 -30(squeeze) seater conference/meeting room with OHP
for monthly meetings and one-offs
2. Free Internet access during the meetings

There are multiple coffee shops in the campus including a CCD next door
suitable for break-out sessions.

Do consider IIM-B as a candidate venue for your meetings. We will be happy
to host you.

Idea Device
Automation Technologies
+91 9945196516

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