[BangPypers] python for parsing

kunal ghosh kunal.t2 at gmail.com
Tue May 25 04:21:01 CEST 2010

> > Thanks Kunal , i am happy as well as sad  , happy because my job has
> become
> > much simpler and sad because everytime i think of a novel (honeslty )
> idea
> > .. i see someone else has already executed it .. :(

My intension of telling about the existing works was to let you know of the
So that you can leverage their advantages and work on their weaknesses.

> >
> > David Heinemeier Hansson once said that reuse is over-rated.  He wouldn't
> have invented Ruby on Rails if he felt, "well, someone has already invented
> what I thought would be cool to do."  And many were open source!  If you
> think there were none implemented in Ruby, then think of Django.  There
> were
> already huge number of web frameworks implemented in Python, yet Adrian and
> Jacob felt they can do better.  There were many web based email solutions
> before Gmail came to existence.  And they did a lot of things differently.
> They broke rules.  I once read that somebody at the US Patent office quit
> because they thought everything that can be invented has already been
> invented.  Yet, there are lot of patents pending and more to come.  Let
> your
> novel ideas flow, let them run wild and see what else you can come up with.
> Change is the only constant and you will always have opportunities.  Good
> luck.

+1 and i agree with Indudhar.

Kunal Ghosh
Dept of Computer Sc. & Engineering.


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