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      for beginners you could get hold of a book "Byte of python" very good
for noobs and for code analysis you could use paste bins like
http://pastebin.com and give us a link and some of us can help you with the


On Thu, May 27, 2010 at 5:33 PM, Dipo Elegbede <delegbede at dudupay.com>wrote:

> This is about my first mail to this group and so I think it is just
> reasonable to start with the ritual incantation.
> I am new in Python and I'm already getting help from similar mailing group.
> I have however come to conclude I need a one on one tutor to help me out.
> Someone had been doing that for a while but I hope to get one or two
> hands more. I can do some telephone tutorials if need be atleast to
> compare note.
> The bottom line is I am desperate about learning Python. I want to
> know it so well.
> I'm resident in Nigeria. Is there any organisation known training
> people for Python? I would appreciate online classes if there are.
> i hope to start pasting my queries after this mail and responses I get.
> Besides, I just read about the policy on attachments and it's
> understandable.
> If I want to send my codes for examination and possible corrections,
> how do I get that done.
> I want to get the best out of this group without running foul of any
> policy, please help.
> Thanks and Best Regards,
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