[BangPypers] Bridging in ubuntu,

Anirudh Asokan anirudh.asokan at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 10:47:45 CET 2010

      This question is probably off topic by miles in this mail list..
Apologies in advance.

I couldnt find the solution to this problem on google(yes, its possible!).
So I thought you guys might know the solution.

The background -
1) I run Ubuntu linix (Karmic Koala)
2) I got bsnl internet, I use UTStarcom router (model no:WA3002G4)
3) I got apache2 installed. I got bridge-utils also installed

Im currently connected to internet using pppoe protocol(username and
password are stored in the router itself.) Here, when i run my ip address(11
7.192.x.x) in the address bar of my browser, it lands me in my router login

I want my localhost page to appear when i run by ip address in my browser.
This way i can use my computer as a server for hosting my python programs. I
was told this was only possible if i connect to internet using bridge
protocol(here we login to the router from pc every time). I managed to do in
Win xp but not in Ubuntu.

Any help will be deeply appreciated

Anirudh Asokan

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