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Anish Mangal anish at sugarlabs.org
Wed Nov 17 06:39:47 CET 2010

== Introduction ==

The One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) and Sugarlabs initiatives are part of
a global effort which aims to provide every child with equal
opportunity for a quality education. Sugarlabs is an open source
project which develops and maintains the award winning Sugar Learning
Platform which is used daily by over two million kids; users of OLPC
laptops. For more information, log on to http://laptop.org and

The award-winning Sugar Learning Platform promotes collaborative
learning through Sugar Activities that encourage critical thinking,
the heart of a quality education. Designed from the ground up
especially for children, Sugar offers an alternative to traditional
“office-desktop” software.

Sugar is the core component of a worldwide effort, known as the One
Laptop Per Child (OLPC) project, which aims to provide every child
with equal opportunity for a quality education. Available in 25
languages, Sugar’s Activities are used every school day by two-million
children in more than forty countries. To know more about OLPC and
sugarlabs, visit http://laptop.org and http://sugarlabs.org.

== Call for participation ==

Seeking your participation if you are an enthusiastic:
- Software Developer OR
- Educator OR
- Interested in creating a huge positive social impact in the field of education

We, at Innovation For Social Change (IFSC) are making efforts to
involve the FOSS community in India into this worldwide effort. There
is immense potential for prospective community members to affect
changes that will benefit kids globally.

Sugar is an open-source project that is supported and maintained by a
very active community of developers spread worldwide. The focus of
sugar is not just developing and maintaining great code, but to
understand how it affects learning. Thus, the sugar community not only
comprises of software developers, but also people from an
education/teaching background.

In the past few months, thousands more OLPC laptops have been deployed
at various locations with the promise of millions more being deployed
in the coming few years. Thus, the need is greater than ever for the
sugar community to include more promising contributors.

== FAQ ==

Q. Do I have to pay anything initially? Will I get paid for my work?

The answer to the first question is No. Regarding receiving payment,
it entirely depends on the magnitude of an individual's contribution.
One could participate purely as a volunteer, or work
part-time/full-time committing a certain quantum of work and receive
payment accordingly. We are open to anyone and everyone who is willing
to contribute in any of these forms.

Q. What type of contributions are you looking for?

As previously mentioned, the sugar community is a mix of great
software developers and people from teaching and educational
backgrounds. We are looking for both.

Q. I'm interested! What next?

Drop us an e-mail at the below mentioned address.

Best Regards,
Innovation for Social Change; admin at innovation.org.in

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