[BangPypers] waiting for Third Party Applications in python

learningpython at aol.com learningpython at aol.com
Thu Nov 18 22:25:07 CET 2010


 Hi Experts,

Step 1: I am using batch file/ Dos commands currently to call a third party appplication to publish a document. 
Step 2: As of now, i scheduled to run a second set of batch file leaving a long approximate time to allow third party to complete the above task where i get a dialog box, that it's done.

The dialog box lingers on (Modal dialog box) from third party application comes when i run step 1 above.

I have inherited these batch files. I would like to convert them into Python and i know a tiny little bit till now. 

My questions:

1. Can i call these DOS commands from python ? example please 
2. Is there a way, i can know that third pary application has thrown up a dialog box, so that i can wait in Python till that point and execute clean up commands 
like killing the application, renaming the document etc. 


execute dos commands 

wait ( until third party shows up dialog window) 

If ( Third party dialog) 
 run the enter command as "OK" is highlighted and only option. 

execute further commands 

call Another batch file .

Any help is appreciated.


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