[BangPypers] TypeError: problem (was: Python coaching classes)

mukkera harsha harsha.mukkera at gmail.com
Fri Oct 15 17:35:21 CEST 2010

I want to know , how Soaplib automatically handle the soap xml envelope for
you and automatically turn the argument into an object of type Subworkflow.
class Subworkflow(ClassSerializer):
        class types:
                subworkflowid = String
                filenames = Array(String)
                filedata = Array(String)
                for i in filedata:
                        base64.decode(i, open(filenames[i],"w"))

I know that I dint code it properly, But I am not getting any idea of how to
do that. I am a newbie.

Here Subworkflow is the class I defined. It is a tiny class that has 3

Subworkflowid, filenames, filedata.

I am NOT passing in raw arguments to your function, I am passing in an
Subworkflow object... that soaplib will have already automatically
constructed for me.

And for each element in the filedata, I have to base64_decode it.

I am using soaplib as SOAP server and SUDS as soap client.

Your help  be greatly appreciated.

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