[BangPypers] something in python similar to java applets

steve steve at lonetwin.net
Tue Sep 7 10:18:25 CEST 2010

Hello Naman,

On 09/06/2010 06:32 PM, naman jain wrote:
> Hello,
> I want to do something through python what applets do in java.
> Through a website I want people to log in and do some tests locally on their
> machines and send the results
> to the server.
> According to my understanding we have methods like applets or flash to do
> something
> locally on the client machine.
> Is there any way in python we can achieve it ?

The only reason why Java applets or Flash can 'do something locally on the 
client machine' is because the browser 'allows' it do so use using plugins like 
a Java runtime or a flash player. Basically, browsers by themselves are 
incapable of executing any code(*). So, if you want to execute python code from 
a browser, your clients would will need a browser that supports python runtime, 
which afaik does not exist.

Most people use Javascript (which most people enable on their browsers these 
days) for basic client side execution or Java/Flash, which have client side, 
browser/runtime/OS specific quirks.

> I have my test scripts in python(which do some communication and file
> transfer to serial devices connected locally),  and I would like to avoid
> rewriting them in java.

Judging by what you require, you'd be better off creating a standalone 
downloadable executable.

- steve

(*) HTML is not code and most (all?) browsers have a javascript engine to 
execute javascript code.

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