[BangPypers] Google Docs - trick for coordinating date/ time/place for meetings

CsquaredinOmaha c2inomaha at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 3 15:44:27 CET 2011

Regarding  discussing date, time, and place for meetings, here is a suggestion
that works, is simple, (and cuts down on all the emails!).

Trick I use a great deal for work (I work with widely dispersed teams):
    1) Open up a new spreadsheet in Google Docs.
    2) Set permissions on it to "anyone with who has the link".
    3) Send email(include the link) to this mailing list with usual meeting 
summary, who/what/when/where/why 
    4) Attendees open link to spreadsheet, fill in slots(ranked 1-best, 2-second 
best, 3-third best choice)
    5) Meeting host can decide on date, time, and place based on the aggregated 

       Google docs allow multiple users updating a spreadsheet at the same time.
       Only doc owner needs Google account.
       I have had teams in several cities updating their status in real-time, 
       begin their next step the instant they see someone mark the previous step 
       Dead-simple to set these up. Marvelous for coordination.   

                                "Weekend Core Python.xls"   (example)

                                         XYZ Corp Office         Burnt-Taste 
Coffee Shop    
                1Feb  8pm                                         2-KennethG

                2Feb  12pm                                     

                2Feb  5pm                                         

                2Feb  8pm        1-AnandP             

                3Feb  5pm                                                       


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Kenneth Gonsalves

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