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> This is not in response to any specific comment as opposed to an addition
> to
> the overall thread, and just a quick formatting of some of my findings on
> the matter.
> a. Understanding of CAP theorem
> http://www.julianbrowne.com/article/viewer/brewers-cap-theorem and its
> relevance in the specific set of use cases in consideration is extremely
> important before wading into the noSQL land. One needs to decide whether
> one
> wants to build a CA, AP or CP system. Note that it is rather easy to get
> confused between the implications of A and P - so spend some time on that.
 I suggest reading the following article along with this -


> b. The candidate databases once the constraints are decided becomes visible
> http://blog.nahurst.com/visual-guide-to-nosql-systems . Now there exist a
> number of differences within these databases. eg. Simple key value vs.
> document, relational vs. schemaless, disk based vs. in memory, etc. etc.
> There are at least two applications where I actively approached the problem
> space with an intent to use noSQL database but concluded that it simply was
> not possible given the fact that the expectations were indeed CA. Recently
> I
> was able to explore using a noSQL since I decided the usecase required an
> AP
> set of requirements.

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