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Ramdas S ramdaz at gmail.com
Wed Feb 16 20:59:23 CET 2011

Netzary Infodynamics is an infrastructure solutions vendor, primarily
focused on messaging, servers, storage and virtualization. We have a number
of customers cutting across enterprise, government and SMB sector. Almost
all our solutions and services are created using Python.

*Python developer*--1-2 Years experience. Knowledge of core libraries, and
sound knowledge of Linux internals and concepts is a requirement. The job
requires you to
work with existing open source packages and write applications based on
APIs, libraries and wrappers of Linux infrastructure products an eg:Xen,
KVM, Remus, Squid etc

*Django Developer* -- 6 months to 2 Years experience with Django ( not just
Python). Knowledge of Ajax (JQuery) is an additional requirement. Knowledge
of CSS and web tools is an advantage. An experience of being involved with
at least a couple of serious Django projects (not just a CMS stuff) is

*Web designer* -- Knowledge of HTML and CSS is an absolute necessity. Ideal
candidate must be creative. Knowledge of popular design tools is an
advantage. Experience of 6 months -4 years. The candidate need not know
Python, but will need to work with Python developers.

All jobs are full time and are based in Bangalore. The team will be based
off our Infantry Road office for first 3 months, and then would be relocated
to our new Indirangar facility.

We may be able to hire you this week itself, if you are the right

Mail your resume to info AT netzary.com.

Thanks for reading

Ramdas S
+91 9342 583 065

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