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steve steve at lonetwin.net
Fri Feb 18 11:52:48 CET 2011

On 02/18/2011 03:51 PM, Shashidhar P wrote:
> Hello I want to do python documentation, I am using Pydoc but I am unable to
> write python documentation for python file.
> I have included docstrings for each classes and functions which I have
> written. but when I run this command
> @ pydoc myfilename.py
> it shows no documentation for 'myfilename,py'
> can anyone suggest me how to proceed.

When the argument is without a path component, then pydoc searches for the file 
in the current PYTHONPATH. So if your $CWD is not in PYTHONPATH you'd have to say:

pydoc ./myfilename.py

- steve

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