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>  code to run.
> >
> I am just typing some random string , it comes out to be a PyQT code.

  How ? This is some skill if you ask me.

> some
> fellows are interested to buy it, I never tested using PyQT  nor i am
> giving
> them suggestion to install PyQT. Client are doing by their own. How come I
> am making any violation ....

 Are you kidding ? You might have typed the code in your sleep, but as long
as it is using library "X" and X stipulates a licensing scheme, which is
you and your customers are bound by X's licensing terms.

If you want a rough and dirty guide to open source licensing, here it is.

1. Using public domain/free licenses (BSD, MPL etc) - You are free to choose
 whatever licensing you want to. Typically people re-license code using BSD*
 libraries in BSD or compatible licenses.
2. Throw-away/free/utility code which you don't care - Put in public domain
 use some arbit license. I suggest WTFL.
3. Code under LGPL - You can relicense in LGPL or stricter licenses such
 as GPL*. Can't re-licenses typically under a much freer license such as
4. Code under GPLv2/GPLv3 - Typically provides a lot of restrictions on
use of the source code. People re-license under same licenses.

I suggest spending some time on
 whenever you got time. It is worth your while.

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