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If you have not yet started the GUI side of things, I would encourage you to
look at Enthought Traits and TraitsUI packages. It allows either WxPython or
Qt backends, thought wx integration is much tighter.

The thing is you can start your app as a command line utility and then with
one single call to Traits, configure a UI for it. (that is if you have
sprinkled Traits based types in your code :) )


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I have made a command line utility in python.. it was fun..
next I want to add GUI on it, also I want to know what you use {I have see
the page which list so many GUI toolkit available}
I love html5/Javascript so I will love to explore webkit...
At the same time, I do not want to use any restricted Libraries.. Can
somebody explain license of PyQT ?
I want my code to be GPLv3.

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