[BangPypers] python plugin developer required

renukaprasadb at gmail.com renukaprasadb at gmail.com
Mon Jan 10 17:12:23 CET 2011

i am giving the conversation between one of the person who accepted during
recent pyconf and was unable to carry on further as he got busy with his
exams or whatever -- he is not replying, so i am writing here -- if any one
is interested / capable , please reply off the list to the email id i have
cc'd .. the time spent will be compensated ,

the project is to add a plugin to kdenlive or pitivi or openshot
depending on where the developer can get this done.

plugin: is meant for dubbing.  use case:  after loading a video clip
into any one of the apps mentioned above, the user send a sound input,
say by speaking through a microphone while the video clip is being
previewed.  this input should get syncronized with the video clip and
added on a track.

I sure am interested. I'd prefer PiTiVi - Python and GStreamer based.

Let me see if I understand the use case correctly:

1. Translator downloads Screencast with voiceover in English, imports
it into PiTiVi
2. Removes Audio track
3. Adds a voiceover, in local language.
4. Exports to a proper format.
let us assume that there exists a video clip that may or may not have
an audio track.

the requirement is dubbing plugin:  dubbing is a generic plugin.  it
may be translation or it can be improvement of the original sound

1. user initiates dubbing plugin
2. the plugin disables an existing sound track if present  (if piitivi
support multiple audio tracks as in kdenlive then there is no need to
delete the old track. it can be put off.  )
3. waits for the user's input to play/halt using say the space key
4. when in play, it takes live audio input and inserts with the video
clip in  sync

the job of the plugin is now complete.  after this the user can do
whatever pitivi can do.

I ran through the code a bit, and checked up with the PiTiVi
developers. This is something they are definitely interested in
getting included into PiTiVi, and I'll be getting all their support. I
checked bugzilla, and there already was a bug on it
(https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=572449). I'll be talking
about the best way to implement this in their mailing list tomorrow.

I'd estimate this to be a total of around 20-25 hours of total work -
QA, UI design, actual coding - till the actual patch gets accepted.
Will obviously become more accurate once I start working on them.

Renuka Prasad

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