[BangPypers] Suggestion for GUI

Gora Mohanty gora at mimirtech.com
Mon Jan 10 20:07:08 CET 2011

Hi Narendra,

I hate to step in here, and debated whether to do it
at all or not, as I certainly do not like to dictate to
people that they should do this, or that. However, if
you will permit me certain observations:

I respect what you are trying to do, probably also
from a perspective that people on *this* group might
not have. However, that by no means excuses various
  * Difficulty in expressing yourself asides, you seem to
    have an issue in understanding how licences work.
    That is OK, but a refusal to accept well-meaning
     follow-ups is a problem: Noufal's being a case in
  * I also have serious issues with "If you Google
    search on my name probably you will be 25000+
    hits..." So, what? There are people on this list who
    probably have ten times as many hits. Or, even if
    not, an argument constructed by appeal to authority
    is no argument at all in a tech. world.
  * Noufal has already done a great job of explaining
    the issues. To summarise his points, you have two
    - You can release your code under the GPL. IMHO,
       this is exactly what you should be doing. Releasing
       under the GPL does *not* prohibit you from charging
       for the code.
    - If for whatever reason (such as wanting complete
      control over future work), your customer or you wants
      not to be encumbered by the GPL, you *have* to buy
      a commercial licence from PyQT (be warned that I
      have not read the PyQT licence, but am going by what
      the discussion on this list indicates.

Please do contact me off-list, or on my mobile if
you wish to discuss this further.


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