[BangPypers] Python 1.5.2 Application (compiled on PA-RISC) crashes on Itanium

Wah Meng Wong wah_meng at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 12 09:30:38 CET 2011

Hi  guys,
I have a  python application running on HP-UX B.11.23 U itanium 64 bit. My 
applicaiton crashes  from time to time and I have not been able to trace what 
the rootcause as for  each crashes, different commands were executed. If I run 
my application from a  command window, here is the stack trace that it leaves 
behind, and a coredump  file is generated. 

 tx30ap01 @  /3rd_party/genesis/genadm/genesis/Product/MaterialMgr OHT$ python 
MatlMgr.py MaterialMgr debug MatlMgr_Query 63656 &
[1] 7975
tx30ap01 @  /3rd_party/genesis/genadm/genesis/Product/MaterialMgr OHT$ [HP 
ARIES32]: Core  file for 32 bit PA-RISC application
[HP ARIES32]:  /3rd_party/genesis/8.3/Enablers/Python/bin/python saved to  
I have following  questions:-
1.) Could  this berelated to the incompatibility of python binary  (python 
version 1.5.2 compiled for PA-RISC processor on an older version of  HP-UX, back 
in year 2000) and HP-UX Itanium 64-bit platform?
2.) Any known issues  of incompatibility of python 1.5.2 compiled on PA-RISC to 
run on Itanium 64-bit  processor and OS?
3.) Anyway the  core.python file can be inspected (to find out the rootcause) if 
I did not  run my application with the debugger version of python? 

4.) What python  version is recommended and stable enough to be used on HP-UX 
Itanium platform if  I were to perform a python compilation and upgrade to a 
higher  version? 
Thanks in advance  for any reply!
Wah  Meng


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