[BangPypers] Python 1.5.2 Application (compiled on PA-RISC) crashes on Itanium

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Wed Jan 12 10:43:37 CET 2011

On Wed, Jan 12 2011, Wah Meng Wong wrote:


> I have following  questions:-
> 1.) Could  this berelated to the incompatibility of python binary  (python 
> version 1.5.2 compiled for PA-RISC processor on an older version of  HP-UX, back 
> in year 2000) and HP-UX Itanium 64-bit platform?

That would be my first guess (especially since it's the binary
crashing). Is it not an option to get the sources and try to recompile
it for ia64 HP-UX?

> 2.) Any known issues  of incompatibility of python 1.5.2 compiled on PA-RISC to 
> run on Itanium 64-bit  processor and OS?
> 3.) Anyway the  core.python file can be inspected (to find out the rootcause) if 
> I did not  run my application with the debugger version of python? 

It's possible but I don't think you'd get much out of a non-debug
build of your binary. 

> 4.) What python version is recommended and stable enough to be used on
> HP-UX Itanium platform if I were to perform a python compilation and
> upgrade to a higher version?

I'd try the latest 2.x (2.7something right now) series. It will have bug
fixes which 1.xb doesn't have.



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