[BangPypers] MetaClass in python

Sirtaj Singh Kang sirtaj at sirtaj.net
Thu Jan 13 02:53:18 CET 2011

On 12-Jan-11, at 7:43 AM, Nitin Kumar wrote:
> So {} can contain function also for the new class, if then can you  
> give
> example for the same. As i need function to class being generated.

Yes, you can replace the {} with something like

{ 'my_method': some_function }

but the 'some_function' is very specific to your problem. Depending on  
what you want in the body of the function, you have a range of  
available options, from defining the function inside another function  
body, like

def custom_class(original_class_name):
     def replacement_method(obj):
         print "custom method for", original_class_name
     new_class = type(original_class_name, (object,), {'my_method':  
     return new_class

... to using eval to create your new function from a body of generated  
code in text form.


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