[BangPypers] [JOB] Python developer required in Pune with web development experience

Baishampayan Ghose b.ghose at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 07:31:59 CET 2011

>> I agree. That is indeed, one way of saying "the salary is negotiable".
>> Having said that, I have never seen companies like Google, Facebook,
>> etc. mention a pay range in job postings,
> google, facebook etc are the top range - it goes without saying that the
> salaries will be far above industry standards. I am talking about our
> local small start ups that no one has ever heard of. I have seen lot of
> people who say 'we pay very well', but actually the end offer is often
> peanuts. I personally always specify a maximum - that way every one
> knows where they stand and people do not need to waste their time
> applying for a job where the salary is not up to their expectations.
> That said, the best candidates (as far as I am concerned) are those who
> say that salary is not the main criterion - what work are you going to
> give me?

While I completely agree with you on this, just FYI, Google (US, don't
know about India) pays considerably less than the industry standards
but makes it up with the perks.


Baishampayan Ghose
b.ghose at gmail.com

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