[BangPypers] [JOB] Python developer required in Pune with web development experience

Noufal Ibrahim noufal at gmail.com
Thu Jan 13 08:50:21 CET 2011

On Thu, Jan 13 2011, Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:


> everyone has a minimum - what I need to live in comparative luxury -
> given that minimum is assured, then what is the criterion?

Two companies, somewhat similar work and atmosphere - one paying 1.5
times the other. Which job would you take? 

In a place like Bangalore (and probably Pune, Hyderabad) where IT
companies mushroom, they're all somewhat the same job and work culture
wise, the differentiating factor is often money and companies don't
like to publicise their crown jewels.

I'll admit that there are *some* differences between the companies and
some that stand out for reasons other than money but within a sector
(e.g. services, networking gear, EDA etc.), they're all pretty much the

Startups are probably different. Their aims are to attract talented
people and they don't want money (which is what larger companies have in
larger amounts) to draw away their workforce. So they offer
"competitive" salaries. The exact amounts would depend on your
experience and other things. What they mean is that what they offer you
is roughly what you'd get in the industry anywhere so you don't need to
worry about being paid less.

Publicising something like "pay of 1L a month" would attract a lot of
flies which they'd have to spend time and energy shooing away. OTOH, if
they emphasise other things like work etc. and tell you that if you're
satisfied with all that, salary won't be a problem, they'd have a better
chance getting and retaining good people. 


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