[BangPypers] Python for mobile apps Deveopment

Pankaj Nathani croozeus at yahoo.com
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Hi Ravi,

A good starting point is FN Wiki which provides good knowledge-base for Python 
on Symbian.
Here is an article that can get you 
started: http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/Python_on_Symbian/01._Introduction

I wrote a book on "Python on Symbian" - its available at amazon (priced to the 
covers) if you are looking for getting started and complete reference material,


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Subject: [BangPypers] Python for mobile apps Deveopment

Hi all,

I am new to this group and i am really looking for some help with Python in
mobile apps development. I have seen some applications in mobile phones
developed purely in Python. What are the requirements for doing it ? I am
relatively new to Python programming and trying to improve my Python
knowledge by creating some apps. For android and iphone , there is an SDK
for developing apps ? Do python has any such SDK for development ? Do i need
to install any modules for making it work in mobile phones. Any help will be

Thanks & Regards,

Ravi Krishna
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