[BangPypers] [Commercial] - Job Posting for Awesome Front End and Backend Django Python Developers..

Sesh sesh at boltell.com
Thu Jul 14 08:59:31 CEST 2011


  We are looking for very good front end developers for developing a
new ecommerce web site. www.boltell.com has a quick summary of what
kind of people we are looking for and why we are doing ecommerce.
  I do not want to spam a group such as this which discusses tons of
useful, important technical stuff and so will take all
questions/clarifications  offline on the phone or on email
(sesh at boltell.com).

Warm Regards

Linkedin Profile:  http://in.linkedin.com/in/srinivasanseshadri
Mobile: +91 9740206697

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