[BangPypers] [Job] Django developers/consultants needed

Amandeep Singh Sapra amandeep at relaystrategy.com
Fri Jun 17 13:38:56 CEST 2011


We are looking for full time python/Django developers or a full time/part
time consultants. The position is based out of Chandigarh/remote. 

The job description is pasted below. If you are interested, please contact

Amandeep Singh Sapra
Ph: +91 9779391062
Email: amandeep at relaystrategy.com
Web: http://www.relaystrategy.com

[Job Description]

Exceptional Python/DJango Programmer (with exceptional attitude to learn new

About Us:
.	We're a software development and consulting company that focuses on
building high quality mobile and web based products for our clients around
the world.
.	We have been around for 3 years and have grown rapidly from 0 to 60
employees as well as acquired 40 clients in the healthcare, travel, media
and enterprise mobility space.
.	We focus on solving complex problems for our customers and we
acquire majority of our new customers through our existing customer
.	We strive each day to figure out a way to add value to our
customers' business and help them realize their dreams.

We're looking for you if:

.	You are an exceptional Python/DJango programmer and have experience
building web applications.
.	You are fundamentally sound with various MVC frameworks
.	You have a very good handle on database concepts and proven track
record of writing complex queries and stored procedures.
.	You can put in long hours to master a new concept or skill
.	You can clearly explain why DJango and MVC is a great choice for
building web applications
.	You aspire to write good, clean, modular code.
.	You have a sense of design and can tell good design from bad 
.	You have a great work ethic 

What you'll be working on:

.	Challenging web applications that will stretch your existing view of
programming and force you to learn new techniques and ideas.
.	Building in-house demos of various ideas we'd like to try and bring
to the marketplace including but not limited to facebook games, mobile apps
and any other interesting ideas you might have as well.

Who should apply?

.	If you're passionate about programming and always want to learn new
.	You have an engineering degree (we can make exceptions if you can
prove to us that it would have been a waste of time for you to go to
engineering college)
.	Enjoy working in a challenging, independent environment where the
only thing that matters is results 
.	Willing to work flexible hours - the job offer will say 40 hours per
week but we'll expect you to work whatever hours are required to get the job
done (the right way)

Who should not apply?
.	If you just want a 10 to 6pm job 
.	If you rather be a singer or a chemist but your parents thought it
was a good idea to go into computer programming. 

What we're offering 

.	Opportunity to work on some very exciting and engaging projects
using bleeding edge technologies.
.	Complete flexibility to explore new ideas and time set aside to work
on your pet projects
.	An environment in which you work with a great team and mentor who
would help you learn and grow on a daily basis. They are also fun people who
are passionate about their work.
.	Market level salary  + shares in the company (if you do well, you'll
make a lot more than market level salary in less than 1 year)

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