[BangPypers] Introducing a "new" project

Philippe May phil.nabble at hanjinet.org
Thu Mar 3 00:21:28 CET 2011

Hi all,

I'm a long time reader of the list, rare poster.

I'd like to introduce an open source project that i had for quite some time, and might interest those of you who are into networking, mobility, user content, localization, cloud, web, or in crazy ideas in general :)

The main idea behind Hanji (that's the name of the project) is: embedding a web server framework in all kinds of devices. So, it sits in a category somewhere between desktop and web applications. It's built around Django and Twisted. Surprisingly (?) they all play quite well together. For the client side, Dojo.

There are quite a few concepts involved, so instead of me trying to describe them all here, you might want to check the few links at http://hanji.info/ .

Basically i'd be happy to get your feedback, comments, start discussions around it, and of course would warmly welcome participations since there's far too much work for a single person :) . The source is available online, no platform packages available - yet. For the patient ones, the installation documentation is online (http://hanji.info/doc/development/install.html).

I could present it in a group meeting, just let me know.

Besides, i also have 2 questions in relation to the current progress:
- switching to NoSQL: any experience for a distributed database (nodes having a subset of the global database, with optional replication between nodes)?
- anyone in the group has experience in python development and packaging on mobile platforms like Android, Symbian, iOS?


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