[BangPypers] Introducing a "new" project

Philippe May phil.nabble at hanjinet.org
Thu Mar 3 20:15:12 CET 2011


> I have done a little of python development on symbian. Let me know what exactly the needs are. 
> Best regards,

Ideally: create a complete standard SIS package for regular users, and update it easily.
Symbian might have got a big kick recently, it will stay as a big player for few years.

I had long time back a look at PyS60 and the packaging process looks not so easy, any help would be warmly welcome. So my questions:
- A standard setup.py is good with Symbian, or additional effort is required?
- Non pure Python packages: additional effort for getting C cross compiled (eg Twisted)?
- Any chance for getting non-C software (CouchDB:Erlang) included in the package or as dependency?
- Did you get help from the guys at OVI (eg package signing, general support)? If yes, any pointer to good people there?
- Most importantly, an overall estimate of the effort, in man*day?


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