[BangPypers] WebDAV implementation ?

Shashidhar Paragonda shashidhar85 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 15:02:36 CEST 2012

Dear Python hackers,

        >>> I want help on implementation of WebDAV in Zope
        >>> My requirement is-> I have 5 client machine, 1 server machine
where Zope server is running, I have to take certain configuration backup,
               make a tarball and send it to server machine through WebDAV.
        >>> This process is carried out by other client machine too...
        >>> Note: All received files client machine wont recide in Zope
root file system. They should be stored in server machine ( like share
folder )
               and accessed by   Zope sever to display them in UI.
        >>> Anyone experimented with WebDAV or have worked on it.
        >>> Thanks for help in advance.


Shashidhar N.Paragonda
shashidhar85 at gmail.com

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