[BangPypers] Interesting discussion about removing the GIL...again :))

Vishal vsapre80 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 12:16:16 CEST 2012

Dear All,

I came to this link, from the PythonWeekly magazine's last issue. It is
quite old (2010/03), but very relevant. I just loved reading through this
thread...hope you will too. Please have a look ...


In this discussion, some python developers (David Beazely, Antoine Pitrou,
Nir Aides) propose an alternate implementation (without the GIL) for
managing multiple threads. They also have shown good results. David has
very cleanly shown what goes on with the new GIL implementation in

Another line from a message from Nir Aides stands out: (

I think it can be a good replacement to the GIL, since Python really
needs a scheduler, not a lock.

The idea is that Python is so general purpose, that it needs similar
semantics like an OS, and so what it really needs is a good thread
scheduler to allow multiple threads to work '*well*' in the same Python
process, rather than a lock.

Can we come up with a patch that achieves this ? Calling all python

Vishal Sapre

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