[BangPypers] Call for Python programmers interested in building social applications (Yoganand Anandaraju)

Aditya Athalye aditya.athalye at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 20:15:45 CEST 2012

I'm new here (hello all) and to Python (hello all, again!) so please pardon
any n00b errors.

@Yoganand, You wrote:
	 > Thats right. Diaspora clone you could call. Do we have something
like that already written in python?

There are at least 3 "distributed" SNs using Python, according to this list
	Newebe (Python / Coffeescript, AGPL)
	 * one user = one node ; microblogging, picture sharing, activity
	 * Server / web client
	Salut à Toi (Python, C++)
	 * multi-frontends, microblogging, group microblogging, file
sharing, games, XMPP client
	 * XMPP client (multi-frontends), web server, SMTP/IMAP server
	Sparkleshare (Python (Nautilus plugin), C# (rest))
	 * Collaboration and sharing tool inspired by Dropbox

These (and potentially other in-Python implementations) in the list may not
necessarily use P2P protocols, but you did say 'P2P or something similar'.

Also, if you've not already seen GNU's P2P networking framework, perhaps it
will help think through architecture: https://gnunet.org/

Please let me know if really-wet-behind-the-ears, not-yet-real-programmers
like me can also join in when you publish the repo.

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