[BangPypers] executing shell commands through python script

Vikram K kpguy1975 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 13 23:45:29 CEST 2012

i am able to run the following command from the shell (i am working on Mac
Snow Leopard):

cgatools evidence2sam --beta --evidence-dnbs
evidenceDnbs-chr11-GS000010026-ASM-T1.tsv.bz2 --reference build36.crr
--output CGI_10026_CLL046_chr11_NUMA1_N.sam --extract-genomic-region
chr11,71391559,71469221 --add-mate-sequence

The command i give above executes perfectly and i get the desired results.
Problem is that i need to execute variations of this command around two
hundred times on the shell. Can i embed this command in a python script (i
think one of the functions in the os module might be able to do what i
want). Thanks.

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