[BangPypers] Hello Experts and Open Source Enthusiasts

jaya kumar jayakumargenius at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 18:14:13 CET 2012

Hai to all,

one of my friend opened a new shop in chennai. its related to electronic
items accessories related to pc,system parts,we are planning to going to
develop a website.The website need to show system quote and details of the
todays price of the laptops and system spare parts details with their
images. we are just a startups.! so we are not able to give this project to
some one else. Dont mistake us. if we plan to learn to develop a website
these kind of website
what are all the aspects we need to learn from scratch onwards.

we dont know the hosting, domain, sql,and any languages,how many days or
months we can took to develop these kind of website
and launch ?

Your valuable  suggestions are welcome.

I may not  be a good technical stuff in front of you people. I dont know
whether am eligible to put this question in this forum or not ? Bad
comments also welcome.

Thanks and Regards

(Hundred failures may teach lesson to good destination )

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