[BangPypers] Dynamic Markdown & Textile Blog/content app

Gopalakrishnan Subramani gopalakrishnan.subramani at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 04:54:55 CET 2012

I am curious about a blog application (currently rolling out 0.0.1, I will
put on github soon),  like pelican but little differences.

1. Pages are dynamic
2. Flask, Jinja2  as development platform
3. Yaml, Json and Pelican style headers for the meta information (that
covers category, tags etc, search keywords, title, author etc)
4. Markdown, Textile for content.
5. Import a python file into blog post with path (without coping the
content into post), render via pygments and raw view
6. Whoosh search (that is text too)
7. Ability to link internal posts easily [markdown already does this
neatly, need to check textile]
8. Syncing with Mercurial and Git
9. Create/edit post dynamically through web app using web based markdown
WYSWYG editors, later sync with git, hg
10. Basic  minimal templates
11. Plug-ins in Jinja2, Python
12. Support multiple authors, from different gits, hg repositories or on
site posts

This is not static html generator, the app will  be serving content
dynamically, whatever WSGI based server.

Anybody using pelican or other text based blogs share some insights here?
This is a fun project, contributors welcome.

Thank you.


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