[BangPypers] [X-POST] Python India

Anand Chitipothu anandology at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 05:39:03 CET 2012


Many of you might already be aware that we've a new website
http://python.org.in/ for representing whole Python community in

As part of the same effort, we are trying to provide infrastructure
for Python usergroups in India for setting up website, blog etc.

Having a website for the usergroup and posting the updates about
meetups will help new people to discover the usergroup easily.

Currently we have support for static website generators Mynt, Pelican
and Jekyll. We've tools ready to rebuild the website on commit to

Pune and Bangalore usergroups have already started using this service.


If you would like to setup a website for your usergroup, please drop
me an email.

We also have an IRC channel #pythonindia, if you would like hang around.


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