[BangPypers] Zope : uninstallation error in windows

Shashidhar Paragonda shashidhar85 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 15 11:52:14 CET 2012

Hello Python hackers,

         >>> I am facing typical uninstaller error on windows machine.
         >>> I have created our application setup installer through
Innosetupcompiler in windows.
         >>> I have installed Zope, Python, and all the addons for python
and zope at source installer folder and used same to create setup installer.
         >>> I am installed complete application on other machine,
everything is fine with installation all the services were started
automatically and application     starts and works fine.
         >>> But when I try to uninstall from Add/remove lists it throughs
                *InternalError: cannot find utCompiledCode record for this
*         >>>*  *and I do see there is uninst000.exe file inside
application source path. Even if i try uninstalling by clicking same I get
same error
         >>> can anyone have any idea or suggestions for this exception!.
         >>> thanks in advance for help.


Shashidhar N.Paragonda
shashidhar85 at gmail.com

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