[BangPypers] Question on GUI

Nikunj Badjatya nikunjbadjatya at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 20:49:17 CET 2012

Howdy All,

I have never worked on developing GUIs before. Need some suggestions on how
to proceed with one.
I have a program which takes bunch of inputs from the user. ( 15  ).
Currently I use an well structured xml file where user puts his necessary
details, then this xml file is passed to the program where it is parsed,
validated and then actual things proceed.
( Ex. $ program.py -f input.xml )

I am looking to have basic GUI for taking inputs from the user. Much like
form filling where
1. There will be different input boxes for different input field. User can
type his choice of inputs in there.
2. All previous inputs should also come in a drop down of respective input
3. User should also be able to save all 15 inputs given by him by some
'name' so that next time by just clicking/selecting that 'name' all 15
field should get populated.
4. The GUI can then take these inputs and start the program.py.
5. I would also want to have a progressbar.

Any ideas.?



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