[BangPypers] Using subprocess - Extra '0' on the console

Nikunj.Badjatya at emc.com Nikunj.Badjatya at emc.com
Tue Feb 21 10:02:44 CET 2012


I am using subprocess module to run a powershell script with necessary arguments.
I also want to wait for this process to be over. The following statements works fine functionality wise.
Ret = Popen([powershellpath, argslist])
Status = Ret.communicate()

Previously I was using threading.Thread() and subprocess.call() togethar to carry out this task.
But after using only Popen, I am noticing a extra '0' coming on the console in the new line.
This is intended msg1

This is intended msg2

As you see, 1 new line and 1 extra '0' is coming on the console.
I checked thoroughly and I think its coming only after I used Popen().
Any ideas how to avoid this .?


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