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Rebelmouse globalteam at rebelmouse.com
Wed Feb 22 21:31:21 CET 2012

We're a NYC-based incubator working in the social space and are looking for
developers who have experience with Python and jQuery to work as part of a
global team. The founders and board were part of the critical team that
created the HuffingtonPost, We're focused on building apps and sites that
are fun, social, and scale well.

The ideal candidate will go through a 1 to 4 week paid trial but end up as
a permanent part of the team working with us on a monthly retainer, where
you're not counting your hours, you have sick days and vacation days and
you still get paid the same every month regardless of the days off.

Strong communication skills are required - it's essential with the global
team that each developer/designer/team member feels comfortable emailing
all their thoughts and isn't shy about communicating. We don't require
excellent grammar skills in English - however you communicate, through
whichever style works for you is fine. What matters is that we can
transcend the physical distance between us to understand each other's ideas
and code.

Every developer is encouraged to think about the business, the ideas, and
contribute to the product as you learn, not just be given specific tasks.
We have a very clear direction and feature set in mind, but there is always
room for new ideas and discussion, as well as diverse engineering
challenges to solve.

A couple recent articles on what we're doing:


We're building everything in Python/Django/jQuery and the team is really
amazingly talented guys with a really strong sense of team work.

We have great direct connections with key people at Google, Facebook, and
Twitter and there's a lot of excitement about what we're doing. Your work
will be seen by key people in the industry.

Please feel free to pass this along to others who you think might be
interested or let us know any ideas for where you think its best to reach
the best talent in your part of the world.

Required skills are:
- very good level at python
- very good level at javascript/jquery
- interest in working on an application using up-to-date technologies and
practices (in this case, one-page app with a lot of frontend templating and
CSS3, incorporating data from social networks like Facebook, and using
NoSQL on backend where appropriate)
- strong communication skills and willingness to ask a question - we are
looking for someone to treat as a member of the team, not someone to just
assign 100% specced-out tasks that always must be implemented an exact way.
Questions will occur and it is important that we be in contact via email or
chat multiple times a day to discuss how projects are going and resolve any
decisions to be made.
- it's also expected that you'll offer feedback, ideas, and polite
criticism on anything you think might be going wrong with the project.
- strong experience in Javascript, CSS, and valid HTML.
- know how to write efficient CSS and JS.  Familiar with Yahoo's "Best
Practices for Speeding Up Your Website" and Google Page Speed, and
techniques such as image spriting

Ideally also familiar with:
- Backbone.js or other client-side frameworks (beyond jQuery)
- JSLint / JSHint
- Working on "fat client" apps

Big plus to required skills if you
- experienced mysql/mongodb/redis/django
- love optimizations
- prefer to cover your code with tests
- Past work with Twitter API
- Past work with Facebook API
- Design skills and a sense of what makes a product appealing to users

Email any questions, code samples, applications to GlobalTeam at RebelMouse.com

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