[BangPypers] re module help

Ganesh Kumar bugcy013 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 12:27:58 CET 2012


> > I tried also subprocess module, But didn't got result, I tried the same
> > pattern. But didn't match the string over the stream.
> Are you sure you're getting the output from the command in your string?

I got output from terminal command working fine

> Verify that and then you can, if necessary, debug the regular
regular expression also working fine. i checked in stored file checking (I
mention sdptool file)

cmd = "sdptool -i hci0 search OPUSH > sdptool"

working file standalone fine. but over stream not getting output.

check link


I don't want read external file. I want over program i want get
output, please guide me. how to get output.


Did I learn something today? If not, I wasted it.

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