[BangPypers] How about meet-up

Anand Chitipothu anandology at gmail.com
Mon Jan 16 13:42:10 CET 2012

2012/1/8 Pratap Chakravarthy <prataprc at gmail.com>

> > +1 for anything really. Is there someone willing to talk about
> > something?
> Just this morning I was planning to make our web toolkit pluggdapps
> compatible with PyPy. Since this is free software and since I am
> planning to do some hands-on with PyPy in coming months. I can provide
> a series of presentation on my experience.
> * I am not a professional speaker.
> * I need to know the meet-up date 2-3 weeks earlier since I had to
> book my tickets to blore.
> PS: Right now I don't know anything about PyPy, but I can start with
> other aspects of pluggdapps and as and when pieces of code gets moved
> to PyPy we can validate the claims on PyPy.

How about meeting on Jan 21, Saturday at 3:00PM?
Any suggestions for venue?

I can talk about my recent project, datastore.



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