[BangPypers] Python job in a well funded growing startup

Alok Mishra mishralok at gmail.com
Sun Jul 29 07:39:09 CEST 2012

Hi Guys,

We are looking to hire few Python developers in our startup - a smartphone notification based ad network. We are looking for both fresh graduates with proven programming and python skills as well as experienced folks with active programming experience.

The key requirements of an ideal candidate would be

* Must be a Python geek. Should be demonstrated from prior code snippets, open source projects etc. 
* Ability to adapt and play with new libraries and languages.
* Good Django understanding
* Any experience with high volume data processing using NOSQL or SQL is a big plus.
* Some experience and understanding of crawling pages and parsing structured information from them (preferably Scrapy).
* Good understanding of XPath.
* Experience with svn/git/mercurial.
* Experience with Mysql, Mongodb

Good to have
* SOLR or in general principles of search (inverted index, clustering etc)
* Some machine learning principles.
* Javscript/JQuery experience.
* Experience with Scrapy. 

Please email me if you think this job would be a good fit for you,

Best regards,
Co-founder, Notikum Pvt Ltd

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