[BangPypers] Help On Paramiko

Nikunj.Badjatya at emc.com Nikunj.Badjatya at emc.com
Tue Jun 19 08:28:26 CEST 2012

Howdy All,

I am trying to use paramiko to automate logging in to remote unix machines and executing some commands there.
When I normally do ssh from my linux machine (with Python 2.6) to this machine a different '>' prompt comes. It's a device specific custom prompt.
After I run 'enable' command here, a new prompt opens up. '#' which is also custom prompt.
Then I need to run 'configure terminal' there. And then some more device specific commands.

Linux # Ssh admin at xx.xx.xx.xx<mailto:admin at xx.xx.xx.xx>

Ø  Enable
#     configure terminal
#     <more commands>

Can this be done using paramiko?
I tried with:

import paramiko

client = paramiko.SSHClient()
client.connect('xx.xx.xx.xx', username='admin', password='')
stdin, stdout, stderr = client.exec_command('enable')
#stdin.write('configure t')

(There is no passwd for username admin.)

['UNIX shell commands cannot be executed using this account.\n']

Any suggestions?


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