[BangPypers] Python script to limit access to Internet...

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 10:13:26 CEST 2012

On Wed, 2012-06-27 at 13:34 +0530, Vishal wrote:
> I would like to limit internet access at my home, for some computers.
> Basically for a given time during the day (read schedule), I wish that
> the
> a given computer should not be able to access the internet.
> However, the computer is still connected to the internal LAN, so
> file/print
> sharing should be allowed. 

what is the configuration of the LAN? are you using some proxy like
squid and a dhcp server, or are you using the router as a dhcp server?
Are you running your own firewall? 
Kenneth Gonsalves

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