[BangPypers] Python for a college kid..

Bhavya bhavya.mayur at gmail.com
Fri Mar 30 04:04:38 CEST 2012

Hello everyone,

I am looking for some information & advice on Python jobs & internships in
Bangalore. My brother will be passing out of college with a degree in
information science & engineering this semester. Unfortunately, his grades
are bad.

I work with a start up in Montreal & we are python crazy,Though I am not on
development side, I have been singing praises about web development &
python to him. He is learning python right now  - he is been on Zed Shaw's
Learn python the hard way & on Udacity's course.

So, here is what I wanted to know - are there any entry level internships
dealing with python  & web development in Bangalore ? How much do academics
matter to get into any of these ?

Any advice and/or help will be much appreciated.


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