[BangPypers] Python Projects

Swathi Singh swathisingh353 at yahoo.in
Wed Nov 7 06:58:35 CET 2012

Hi Everyone, 

We’ve built a site that aims at helping students upgrade their programming skills.
Students can learn Python, Ruby, and 
JavaScript in a fun, engaging and interactive way. 
At Code Garage you can try your hand at cool 
coding projects like building a Minesweeper game or a Sudoku Solver. 
Also, if you'd like to contribute lessons, check out the Contribute 
section of our site. 
We just launched about a week ago and would love to get your feedback. 

URL - http://www.learnstreet.com/cg/simple/projects/python?utm_source=Python&utm_medium=ML&utm_campaign=Bangpyers

Thanks in advance - LearnStreet Team

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